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Director Msg
First of all we cordially welcome you. We are very pleased to say that GURUKUL EXCELLENT EDUCATION is an effort to establish the importance of concept and strong education and we are expecting your support to turn it a movement. Of course it is not an easy task in current environment where Education and educators both are facing a number of tough challenges. But it is the need of hour to fight with these challenges firmly.

In present scenario parents are facing a lot of problem to pick a right place where their child can get proper tutoring, teaching, training & proper guidance for the best with crystal clear concept. Definitely it is not very easy because it requires rich experience, knowledge and multidimensional efforts which can shape up the talent in the proper manner and converts it in to the best.

At GURUKUL, maximum assignment and self practice test are provided to the students. This is an innovative method through which solving objective problems and time managements skills of students are enhanced. The questionnaires provided to the students are CBSE as well as Entrance based.


Gurukul Excellent Education

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  Mathematics classes for 9 class in Rohini

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